Pollux Tech is part of Pollux Properties Ltd which is responsible for create applications that support the business and sales.

Latest Project

we have worked
  • Larry Frank Apps
  • Sky Suites Apps
  • Meisterstadt Apps
  • CRM Apps
  • Dashboard Apps

About Us

passionate Professionals

  • Aswin Desmonda
    Project Manager
  • Bagus Dwi
    Back-End Developer
  • Akhmad Junaedi
    Android Developer
  • Rizky Wibowo
    iOS Developer
Our expertise

We sharpen Pollux Porperties ideas and needs become applications that is useful for encouraging productivity.

We analyze, discuss and develop as best as we can.

  • Usability Analysis
    80% Complete
  • Development & Timing
    85% Complete
  • Design
    75% Complete
  • Endurance
    90% Complete
Technology alone is not enough.